Can the United States take back control?

In October 1960, Nikita Khrushchev, premier of the Soviet Union, famously took off his shoe at a UN General Assembly meeting, pounded it on the table in front of him and shouted, “We will bury you!” Fighting mad, he was reacting to Western behaviors, citing specifically his opposition to US spy planes flying over territory then known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

During that time period, the USSR and the US were engaged in what was called a “cold war,” basically a standoff of nations holding nuclear weapons the use of which would likely make the entire planet…

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Abstract: Through no fault of their own, save believing in their trusted sources, anti-vaxxers have been fed misinformation that has resulted in a pandemic almost exclusive to the unvaccinated. That pandemic is not just dangerous to the anti-vaxxers but also to others who will become ill and die from Covid-19 variants more virulent than the original virus. Vaccinations are the only weapon against new and more perilous variants. Anti-vaxxers (and all of us) need better data in order to make well-informed decisions. It is easy to be misled, for even the best logic based upon false premises will result in…

What will we teach them?

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Here’s what children need to know:

· Inciting insurrection is OK. (Insurrection itself is bad, but if you can motivate a bunch of boobs to do it for you, that’s fine.)

· Folks living in urban centers are not real Americans.

· It’s OK to form political opinions without taking the trouble to examine facts. Although documents like the U.S. Constitution are publicly available, don’t bother to read them. Instead, just listen to the people who share your beliefs.

· Congress is a joke, and this fact represents an opportunity for young people. A large number of the members of…

He should be tried in criminal court instead

On January 6, 2021, then-president Donald J. Trump addressed thousands of protestors at the Ellipse near the U.S. Capitol Building. In his speech, he unambiguously provoked the crowd to march to the Capitol and take action to prevent the formal certification of Joseph R. Biden as the newly elected president.

For months prior to this event, Trump had falsely claimed, repeatedly and without evidence, that the election was stolen from him through voter fraud, ignoring over 50 federal court cases ruling against this claim. …

Protection Racket Tactics

On Tuesday night, 17Nov2020, the two Republican members of the 4-member Wayne County Board of Canvassers in Michigan declined to certify the voting results DESPITE NO EVIDENCE OF ILLEGITIMACY. Such action could have excluded Detroit and flipped the state from Biden to Trump. After a three-hour heated debate, the two Republican members relented and changed their vote to certify the county election results.

Subsequently, President Trump personally called each of the GOP board members, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann. According to Ms. Palmer, “His concern was about my safety, and that was really touching. He is a really busy guy…

Maybe it’s not what teachers told me but how I interpreted what they told me. I’m accountable for my misinterpretation, but here’s what I thought was true:

· Americans choose their leaders by how the majority votes.

· The majority rules with compassion and consideration of minorities.

· Americans make good choices.

· White supremacy is bad.

· The Civil War is over, and racism is a thing of the past.

· Progress is a good thing.

· Americans learn from history.

· Every citizen should be allowed and encouraged to vote.

· “Checks and balances” will prevent takeover by…

The Legacy of Historical Ignorance

No matter who wins the general election, Donald Trump could retain and increase his power.

“It can happen here.” That’s what my dad warned me, and I mocked him. “No, dad. We live in a democracy with checks and balances. It can’t happen here.”

My dad didn’t know Donald Trump, but he knew Adolph Hitler personally. He told me stories of sitting in a café in Munich across the table from Herr Hitler, talking about politics one-on-one. “Well,” my father told me, “mostly HE talked; I listened.” …

A New Form of Americana


CAVEAT: This article was written from the imagined perspective of a type of person you might not like or agree with. If so, I’m with you. It’s an attempt to expose an extreme but ominous position. It’s a glimpse into the dark recesses of the sick mind of someone who considers himself to be patriotic, who fails utterly to comprehend the meaning of patriotism in this country, who thinks that the world exists for his kind alone, and who sees a way to eliminate all opposition. The article is in the form of a note to his buddies, his…

The value of Bolton’s information is grossly overrated.

ABSTRACT: Since the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, we have had sufficient information, publicly available, to remove him from office, and before that, obvious evidence of Trump’s corruption probably speaks as loudly as anything Bolton has to say. Will Bolton’s book cause Americans to listen? Recent history says — probably not.

Valuing money over principles, John Bolton is cashing in. Such is what people are saying, Democrats and Republicans alike, though for different reasons. To the former, he should have testified during the impeachment process; to the latter, he’s a traitor.


Marv Wainschel

An authority on information technology and its responsible application for solving business problems, Marv founded a situation management consultancy in 1983.

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